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Eugenics and the Horrors of Genocide in Nazi Germany Free Essay Example, 1500 words

During the time between the 1870s and the 1930s, a relationship had developed between American eugenics experts and German scientists with the same goals. In the 1930s, however, the relationship became strained. The racism that developed in Nazi Germany involving those of an ethnic Jewish background became an issue of contention and the American scientists were not interested in the idea that being Jewish meant being inferior (Kuhl 98). One of the clear signs that the racism was infecting the society of Germany is that of the Nuremberg laws which stated that those with Jewish heritage in their background would not be allowed to have citizenship. Decrees began to emerge that were further and further limiting the rights of those with ethnic Jewish ancestry, creating a prejudicial climate that began to define the nature of the beliefs as being centered on the heritage that broke the code of acceptable genetics which was growing in the nation (Kujl 99). The Americans were not limited to eugenic beliefs that were focused only on race based on skin color, but the anti-Semitism in the United States did not extend to the extent it was being practiced in Germany. We will write a custom essay sample on Eugenics and the Horrors of Genocide in Nazi Germany or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now German propaganda suggested, however, that the United States was taking a similar stand on the position of Jewish people within their society (Kuhl 99). Although this was not strictly true, Hitler had been in close correspondence with scientists in the United States who were interested in the study of eugenics. Hitler used devices in order to create support in Germany for the beliefs that he was confusing with science. One of these devices was to give honorary degrees to German universities to scientists whose work supported some of his ideas (Kuhl). The idea of eugenics and the laws that were passed in Germany were framed by the German government as a science, proving that they had a superior knowledge of biology and the nature of genetics as they were applied to the species and sub-species of the human race.

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The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished - 1412 Words

The death penalty has been a debated topic since it began in 1700. The act of deliberately causing the death of another human being has been changed and modified overtime due to different attacks on the credibility of this type of punishment, specifically by Cesare Beccaria, an Italian jurist who is considered the founder of the modern abolishment movement in 1764. According to, Beccarria—a prominent European called for an end to the death penalty, and it remained the most influential attack on the death penalty. Due to the multiple moratoriums throughout the states in lieu of the death penalty have replaced it with life imprisonment—which is more civil and logical. The disproportionate amount of racial bias, inadequate†¦show more content†¦In addition to that in the past, 23 death penalty cases were overturned due to prosecutors illegally striking black jurors from juries, and nationally 98% of prosecutors are white (Love 2012). The statics allows e veryone to see that there can be an injustice in gaining justice. The right to access to an attorney and rightfully the allowance of the defendant to retain and secure a suitable defense team is a vital hallmark of the American Justice System per the Death Penalty Center’s Death Penalty Representation. Most of the time the convicted cannot afford the proper defense team to represent their case which carries a sentence of death. It is essential that an offender have an experienced attorney who will fulfil his/her obligations of the client and the court—with that decreasing the number of innocent who are eventually convicted and sentenced to death. The number of the wrongfully convicted was more than one hundred and fifty from 1973-2011, slightly increasing from 2000-2011—averaging three to five exonerations a year per According to an article on, Study: Black People More Likely To Be Wrongfully Convicted written by Tanzina Vega says that a bla ck defendant would be 22% more likely to have police misconduct that those of white defendants as well.Show MoreRelatedThe Death Penalty Should Be Abolished1192 Words   |  5 PagesNo Death Penalty Capital crime is something that is meant for people that are found guilty of committing a serious crime, such as murder, rape, or theft. These are offences that should not be taken lightly but by killing the offender, the government is carrying about the action that they are trying to prevent. Also, the wrong person may be sentenced to death. After this person is executed, there is obviously nothing that can be done for the terrible mistake to be reversed. The death penalty shouldRead MoreShould The Death Penalty Be Abolished?. The Death Penalty982 Words   |  4 PagesShould the death penalty be abolished? The death penalty is a â€Å"term that applies to capital punishment and is the worst penalty given for committing a murder or an atrocious assault.† (Black s Law Dictionary). Death penalty has been a part of human society and is legally approved for centuries. The first established death penalty laws date as far back as the Eighteenth Century B.C. in the Code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon, which codified the death penalty for 25 different crimes. Death sentencesRead MoreShould The Death Penalty Be Abolished?1925 Words   |  8 Pages Abstract This paper explores five published articles that report on discussion on the very old and yet to answer question of whether the death penalty in the USA should be abolished? The articles, however, vary in their stand on death penalty. In all article it is very different on publisher stand. They discuss thing argument with their own way and vision of thinking. Adina Nicoleta (2011) has raised question for fair trial on the proceeding of the criminal cases. In other article Maestro MarcelloRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be Abolished1534 Words   |  7 PagesIntro The death penalty gives humans in our legal system rights to decide who deserves to live, a power only God should possess. Capital Punishment takes away our rights as equals. From its origins, the death penalty has been an inhumane, costly, ineffective, and biased form of punishment that needs to be abolished granting everyone their right to live. History of the Death Penalty Down through history, the death penalty has been adapted to be justifiable in the eyes of the people. By alteringRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be Abolished1523 Words   |  7 Pagescriminals has been performed by nearly every society to date. The death penalty came to the Americas when European settlers brought the idea of capitol punishment from Britain. The ideology behind taking someone’s life for crimes they have committed is a simple one. If a person commits a hennas crime such as murder or rape, they shall receive the death penalty. In more recent times we now see many countries abolishing the death penalty. The trend suggests that the capitol punishment policies still implementedRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be Abolished1306 Words   |  6 Pageschanged since the 17th century, so why not the age old penalty of death? Capital punishment in the United States is a highly debated topic. Arguments that want to get rid of this method of punishment usually mention th e many problems that capital punishment is plagued with. The death penalty has many issues that cannot be resolved, and since these issues can’t be solved, the death penalty should be abolished. â€Å"The irrevocable nature of the death penalty renders it an unsustainable and indefensible remedyRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be Abolished1440 Words   |  6 PagesThe death penalty is a very controversial topic in the United States. It is implemented for the purpose of providing safety to the community and bringing justice to victims and their families. The death penalty is legal in thirty-one states (â€Å"31 States†), and there are over forty different types of federal capital crimes that are eligible for the death penalty. These include crimes such as treason and kidnapping that results in murder (â€Å"41 Federal†). However, many argue whether the death penalty isRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be Abolished968 Words   |  4 PagesEvery year, thousands of lives are legally taken under the death penalty. Why should we take more lives than the ones that have already been taken? The death penalty is the punishment of execution, carried out legally against an individual convicted of a capital crime. Its proponents argue that the death penalty deters other criminals who may intend to commit similar crimes in the future. However, there is little statistical evidence to support this claim. Also, execution eliminates the criminalRead MoreShould The Death Penalty Be Abolished?1350 Words   |  6 PagesShould the death penalty be abolished? The death penalty, also known as capital punishment is a legal procedure in which a state executes a person for crimes he/she has committed. This punishment has been used by many states, and is normally used for serious crimes, especially murder. It is also used on crimes against the state such as treason, crimes against humanity, espionage, and violent crimes while other states use it as part of military justice. There are mixed reactions on capital punishmentRead MoreShould The Death Penalty Be Abolished?1443 Words   |  6 Pages 6 Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished in the United States? Adalynne Francis CRJU 1000 Dr. Huss November 14, 14 Should capital punishment/ death penalty be abolished in the United States? Many feel that the death penalty is immoral and question whether the state and federal government deserve the right to kill those whom it has imprisoned. On the other hand, those opposed feel that by not acting upon the death penalty communities would plunge in anarchy and that by

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Effectiveness Of Early Interventions For Children With...

The Effectiveness of Early Interventions to Improve Independence in Children with Developmental Disabilities Introduction The purpose of this writing is to explore the effectiveness of interventions to improve independence in children with developmental disabilities. To address this topic, the first section of the paper will include a background of the history of interventions used to improve children’s abilities to live a more independent life living with a developmental disability. Next will be the topic section which will address the Diagnostic Criteria for a developmental disability as well as health consequences, demographics, prevention Background The purpose of this section is to discuss the background of the research on†¦show more content†¦Therefore, schools tend to put children with disabilities in the same classroom and have them learn the same material at the same pace. That resulted in children with disabilities to not succeed. A supreme court decision was made that all schools must provide private one on one schooling to such children with disabilities. Since 1975, great strides have been made in improving educational opportunities. The great strides can be attributed to the Education for All Handicapped Children Act which is now called Individuals with Disabilities Act. According to the Journal of Early Intervention lack of social skills has an impact on children with disabilities. Social interactions help develop any child’s personable skills and helps them establish who they are. Embedded peer modeling has shown to increase children with autisms ability to interact with peers. Children with autism have difficulty developing positive peer relationships (DiSalvo Oswald, 2002; Mconnell, 2002; Strain Hoyson, 2000). Examples of developmental disabilities are Autism spectrum disorder, behavior disorders, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome and intellectual disabilities. Topic Section Early interventions such training programs that teach parents strategies on how to work with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have been proven to be extremely affective in developingShow MoreRelatedLife Long Learning for Students with Disabilities Essay example639 Words   |  3 Pagesyoung students with disabilities is not negotiable. This is because, these young learners requires special care and services in their day to day activities. Developmental disability has become a common diagnosis in children these days. This disability starts during a child’s development period and may last for a life time. Special educational programs are available for children with development disabilities. The diagnosis of developmental disabilities can be done at an early age. It is the dutyRead MoreEarly Intervention : A Child s Development1081 Words   |  5 Pages EARLY INTERVENTION: A CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT, THE EFFECT OF STRESS, AND THE IMPACT OF EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAMS â€Æ' (I going to use footnotes to mark comments) For infants and toddlers with severe disabilities, the early years of development were crucial to attain optimal development (Guralnick, 2000), with an important factor the parent-child relationship. The parent(s) are the first person the child interacts with (Aydin Yamac, 2014), continually shaping his or her social, emotional, communicativeRead MoreEvidence Based Interventions And Ibi998 Words   |  4 Pages Evidence-Based Interventions and IBI Lindsay Chiasson- 000375743 Mohawk College History of Ontario’s autism initiative: The Ontario government is focused on providing effective early interventions for young children with autism (Perry, n.d.). Throughout the years, a substantial amount of research has been done regarding the neuroplasticity and the effectiveness of early intervention in young children (Perry, n.d.). The results of this research have given professionals a greater understandingRead MoreSibling Intervention Final Essay1643 Words   |  7 PagesSibling Intervention Raising a child with a disability will have an impact, positive or negative, on the structure of a family system. Research concerning how various disabilities affect the family functions focuses primarily on the parents. Siblings are seldom included in the research, yet they can provide a stable, powerful developmental context for socioemotional development. First Friends Interactions between brothers and sisters provideRead MoreThe Research Study Of Early Childhood Education873 Words   |  4 Pagesis related to the researcher’s study of Early Childhood Education. The chosen topic considered the achievement gap among students with learning disabilities in the context of the Common Core State Standards. As guided by the research questions, the researcher will present key literature, which supports the findings of the thesis. Accordingly, the researcher will identify the best concepts that contribute to the understanding of the issue involving early childhood education. In closing, the researcherRead MoreEarly Intervention For Young Children1292 Words   |  6 Pages Early Intervention for Young Children With Sensory Integration Conditions and the Role of an Occupational Therapist Kassandra Griffin Keiser University Early Intervention for Young Children with Sensory Integration Conditions And the Role of an Occupational Therapist Sensory integration is a condition that can be found in young children. This condition is defined as the difficulty of developing motor and cognitive skills at a typical rate(book). If the parent of a child withRead MoreChildhood Parents And Special Education961 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction/ Problem Statement As children grow, they are expected to meet milestones along the way to ensure proper development is taking place. When a child fails to meet the developmental milestones for their age, interventions are often put into place in efforts to help the child perform as close to the expectations for his or her age as possible. These early interventions can help rectify the child’s deficiency; but at times, the child may need to receive long- term assistance or accommodation;Read MorePervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) Essay1651 Words   |  7 Pages The term Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) refers a group of disorders that pertain to one’s communication, social, and developmental skills. Symptoms can be detected as early as infancy, as some cases are identified before the age of three. Children or toddlers with PDD may show difficulty relating to others and often have trouble using and understanding language. In addition, they may have unusual behavior patterns a nd demonstrate resistance during a change in their routine. PDD is a generalRead MoreAdvances Of Treatment Of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Essay1255 Words   |  6 Pagesduring pregnancy is one of the leading causes for developmental disabilities. The term fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is being increasingly used to refer to the full range of problems caused by prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) (Paley O’Connor, 2009). As a result of PAE many developmental deficits are manifested. According to Paley and O’Connor (2009), extensive research has shown that these can include â€Å"intellectual and learning disabilities, deficits in executive functioning, memory problemsRead MoreTherapies For Autistic Children.Individuals Take For Granted1678 Words   |  7 PagesTherapies for Autistic Children Individuals take for granted the luxury of embodying qualities such as communication, interaction, and social and motor skills. Although, individuals may determine the aforementioned skills are more difficult to obtain because of a disability. Autism or autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that effects many children in the United States of America. Communication, interaction, and motor and social skills are usually effected in the autistic child.

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Literature Review Cloud Computing

Question: Discuss about theLiterature Reviewfor Cloud Computing. Answer: Introduction Cloud computing is the mechanism which can be adopted by the business organizations for many of the purposes such as delivery of computing servicesservers, storing of databases, networking, software and systems which can be used by the entities in a number of operations, analytics and more over the Internet. The business organizations or the institutions who provides these kinds of computing services are ( 2017) known as cloud providers and these institutions charge for the services they provide and these charges or the fees are based on the usage of the systems and the mechanisms. Important Variables According to Helpdesk LLC (2017) the small and large business corporations have been waiting for the cloud computing systems from the last few years. The most of the business organizations face the confusion and have a doubt regarding for making use of this system. The below mentioned literature review has been presented by the Help-desk LLC for defining the system and also determination of the same system will be done (Reilly, Wren and Berry, 2011). First a description has been given about Cloud computing is the same concept as it was earlier just the change and modification has been done in the name of the concept. This concept has been used by many of the business corporations and institutions from many years. There are a number of small business enterprises which are found to be using these mechanism and which are found with a server which is connected with a number of computers and these desktops are networked to server. And the second system which is used is known as hardware l ayer and which is also typically referred to as "the network," or "the information systems." And the cloud computing has decreased the need of networking in the offices at a greater extent. There are numerous of benefits of making use of this system or mechanism and from them one is that cloud computing will benefit the network and as it can be suddenly accessible from anywhere and anyone one can have access to the Internet and by which the company will be in running condition all time all the operational activities will be in a continuous form. And the biggest benefit of this system is that it can be accessed from whatever device or mechanism used from any to have with you i.e. laptop, iPad, mobile phone, etc. A comparable reference point would be Google Docs (Pocatilu, Alecu and Vetrici, 2010). The following is one of the example of a common use of cloud computing is while submitting of your documents to Google Docs for others to access via the Internet. For the initial level the most suitable example which is suitable for this system is of average small business person. As the business is small scale business the owner wont be having big amount for investing and building up an in-house network and also the entire business operations should b the entire business operation can be up and run-up and running within short period of time and this could be made happen by making use of the approach of cloud computing. The expenses are basically pay-as-you-go means as per the use and are also based on the amount of storage space and computing power that you use (Antonopoulos and Gillam, 2010). The below mentioned are the advantages and drawbacks of cloud computing: Low Cost Emergence of the mechanism of cloud computing in the market has been considered as the a low-cost or minimum expense incurring tool for the business. Corporations. And also business organizations are not required to make huge investments and heavy expenses on the establishment and setting up of this mechanism, as no hardware, equipment and infrastructure establishment is required. The companies wont be requiring incurring the expenses for installing the desktops, laptops or some type of device to access the Internet and utilize your data. And the investment in the implementation and maintaining the private and the companys own in-house networking is very minimum or low (searchcloudcomputing.techtarget. 2017). It is a very vital and significant concept for many small scale business corporations. The expenses incurred in the maintenance of an in-house network are enormous and it has also been observed that they are increasing every day. With an in-house network, there are oth er related costs and expenses which are incurred and are required to be paid by for the installation of the software and hardware upgrades and also the maintenance and providing training on the related topics to the employees. The above mentioned responsibilities and the duties are to be fulfilled by the service providers of the cloud systems and also the costs and the expenses are to be incurred by them only. The best way to develop an understanding which is related to the concept of expenses computing services is to think in context of renting vs. owning. The service providers of the cloud computing services should have a storage of all the required resources and which are to be utilized by the business client for a monthly or annual fee which has been charged by the service provider at the begining. And this concept has been referred as similar and which is also common to as the Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) model. In this concept the company is required to pay for the use of t he service which can also be said as you pay as you go. A sense of more predictability in budgeting for these costs and expenses is provided to the owner of the model. Flexibility -- With the use of the mechanism of cloud computing in the business organization, as mentioned above the company need to pay only for what the company use the services, the business corporation are provided with a limited flexibility in the use of the system and the service for which they have already paid an amount. For instance if a person has small amount of investments for starting up a small business and in this case the owners can make use of small computing packages and can also increase the use of the computing services as the business activities and the operations keeps on growing. After a particular growth in the business the owners can opt for a bigger package of computing services (Velte and et al, 2010). The setting-up, implementation and bring into operation are some of the functionalities and these are done with a good speed. There are some service providers who have set-up at an automatic scale for the essential and required resource for the business corpo ration. Necessary changes and modifications can be done in the infrastructure as per the requirements of the organization. These modifications can be into making the network private network, public, or a combination of both (Sosinsky, 2010). Simple, Fast, Easy The biggest advantage of cloud computing is that it's is of very much easy to operate. By making use of the system of cloud computing can streamline many parts within the organizational structure of the entity (Griffith. 2016). It will be proven beneficial for the business entities when they start making use of these systems and step into the systems and this will also make the business to run more smoothly with a great potential and also improves the efficiency of the firm and also when the firm is a web-based corporation applications that are available in the cloud (Rittinghouse and Ransome, 2016). Everything from prospect management applications to customer billing and invoicing can be moved out of the store of the company and gets shifted to the into the cloud system. This gives will enhance the ability to focus on what the company do best in business and excel and grow the strengths while someone else handles the administrative functions (Sotto, Treacy and Mc Lellan, 2010). Accessibility -- Regardless of where the company stands or is operating in the world, it will have access on the operations which are based on cloud computing mechanism. There will be only some sought of complicated remote login procedures and which are required for the in-house network. In this process the only thing or the tool required is a device that can access the web and an Internet connection which will be controlling the systems (bigdata-madesimple. 2017). This means the employees or the staff in the organization can have access anywhere and at any-time, from home, office or on the road at a client's office. Sustainability There are a number of issues which can be faced by the business such as a natural disaster which can strike the business at any time,. But now there is solution to the problem which is cloud computing capability which resides somewhere else. Obviously, this is can also be considered as a disadvantage if the disaster hits the service provider (Chaczko and et al, 2011). Security of Your Data -- This has been considered as the prime or the main concern which is related to cloud computing systems which are being used within the business organizations. In a very basic sense, the data or the confidential information that used to reside within the four walls of the business corporation now resides elsewhere. Addressing the security of the data must be done on priority basis and also the security of that data must be addressed and shit should be considered as a significant point and this is required to be done with care as the data stored in the cloud systems contains trade secrets of a number of business organizations, proprietary lists, files of the consumers and their records etc. As per the researches and survey carried about 69% of cloud providers said that data security was the responsibility of the end-user (Antonopoulos and Gillam, 2010). And on the basis of another survey it was also concluded that by contrast an approx. estimate number of only 3 5% of the end-users agreed that they should be held responsible. And it has been clearly mentioned that there is a sense of disparity between cloud providers and cloud users about who is responsible for data security. The companies who are making use of the cloud computing system should have a clear idea and estimate that their data is vulnerable to compromise and is exposed to risk. Author has also mentioned that knowing about the risks and dangers and also having an idea about the proper measures and precautions which are required to be taken right from the start has been considered as an important step for the business organization (Vishwanathan, P, 2017). Whereas there are a number of small business organizations who do not have the resources to adequately protect their data even when it is in-house and for these small companies a reasonably priced off-site solution may be right for certain applications (levelcloud. 2017). The key or the solution to this problem is consulting or asking to the right questions of the provider and getting good advice. Costs When Under Attack As mentioned above the mechanism of cloud computing has been considered as a low cost mechanism or tool and some time it also provides some sought of additional benefits. But it can also actually cost more money or can be a reason in incurring a number of additional expenses. For instance, if a company's website comes under a distributed denial of service (D-DOS) attack (stratospherenetworks . 2017). The reason behind this attack is that the typical goal of a D-DOS attack is to gobble up resources and which is done for rendering the server incapacitated (Sridhar, 2009). If the cloud computing provider has no protections in place against DDoS attacks, when the site is attacked, then service provider will have to simply begin to increase the resources that the site requires (due to the attack) and bill for the resources provided and which naturally will bring an increase in the expenses. It is of very much significance for the business corporation to ask the pr ovider what kind of provisions they have to protect against this type of attack. Performance Can Vary -- In a cloud environment, the applications which are running on servers for the business organizations are also simultaneously providing resources to other businesses too. With the fluctuations in the requirements and the demands made by the other users, there will be impacts on the performance of the business organization and the share of the resources will be also on a varying note. Often, the service providers may claim that the resources available with the business entities are unlimited. This may be theoretically true, but from a practical point of view the hardware scalability is probably limited. Methods of Analysis There are number of methods which have been adopted for carrying out the research of the above presented literature review. Mainly the books have been made in use for getting a deep understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud computing mechanism. Also the articles have been used for get a clear idea about the concept. Gaps in Literature Review In the above carried out research the main focus has been provided on the concept of cloud computing and also the advantages and disadvantages of the system. Mainly the focus of the research is on the benefits attained by the cloud computing system and which develops the gap in literature review as some of the important issues or disadvantages has been ignored. Such as reliability of the organizations on the system is too much and is increasing day by day and which is a big issue as in case if the system crashes or is hacked then the corporation can be in a big problem. As all the confidential data is stored within the system. Also there is very limited control over the whole system of cloud computing. The more control is of the service provider and which can be sometimes quite dangerous for the customer as many of the details can be exposed to the service provider. Conclusion From the above carried out research it has been concluded that the concept of cloud computing has to be considered as a new concept in terms of maturity and adoption. And also there are some expectations and estimations made regarding the changes under which the business corporations will undergo in the future, in terms of resources, issues, risks, and ultimately best practices and standards. Moreover there are a number of benefits and advantages which have been provided by the system and have also been undergone in providing potentially values for institutions of higher education and other business organizations. On-demand services can resonate positively with the current university tight budgets across the nation and other parts of the world. A number of benefits of the transition to cloud computing have been mentioned out in this above carried out analysis along with concerns regarding the general implementation of this application. References Reilly, D., Wren, C. and Berry, T., 2011. Cloud computing: Pros and cons for computer forensic investigations.International Journal Multimedia and Image Processing (IJMIP),1(1), pp.26-34. Pocatilu, P., Alecu, F. and Vetrici, M., 2010. Measuring the efficiency of cloud computing for e-learning systems.WSEAS Transactions on Computers,9(1), pp.42-51. Antonopoulos, N. and Gillam, L. eds., 2010.Cloud computing: Principles, systems and applications. Springer Science Business Media. The helpdesk LLC. 2011.The Pros Cons of Cloud Computing. available at:[Accessed on24 April 2017] Amazon, (2009). Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Retrieved from, on August 28, 2009. Amazon, (2009). Amazon Elastic ComputeCloud. Retrieved from, on August 28, 2009. Amazon, (2009). Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Retrieved from, on August 28, 2009. Amazon, (2009). Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Retrieved from, on August 28, 2009. Cloud Computing and its Security in Higher Education (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Apr 24, 2017]. Velte, A.T., Velte, T.J., Elsenpeter, R.C. and Elsenpeter, R.C., 2010.Cloud computing: a practical approach(pp. 1-55). New York: McGraw-Hill. Sosinsky, B., 2010.Cloud computing bible(Vol. 762). John Wiley Sons. Rittinghouse, J.W. and Ransome, J.F., 2016.Cloud computing: implementation, management, and security. CRC press. Sotto, L.J., Treacy, B.C. and McLellan, M.L., 2010. Privacy and Data Security Risks in Cloud Computing.World Communications Regulation Report,5(2), p.38. Chaczko, Z., Mahadevan, V., Aslanzadeh, S. and Mcdermid, C., 2011, September. Availability and load balancing in cloud computing. InInternational Conference on Computer and Software Modeling, Singapore(Vol. 14). Antonopoulos, N. and Gillam, L. eds., 2010.Cloud computing: Principles, systems and applications. Springer Science Business Media. oss, V.W., 2010.Factors influencing the adoption of cloud computing by decision making managers. Capella University., 2017, What is cloud computing, Assessed on 35th April 2017, searchcloudcomputing.techtarget, 2017, Cloud computing, Assessed on 35th April 2017, Griffith, E, 2016, what is cloud computing, Assessed on 25th April 2017, bigdata-madesimple, 2017, 5 advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage, Assessed on 25th April 2017,, levelcloud, 2017, Advantages and disdvantages of cloud computing, Assessed on 25th April 2017, Vishwanathan, P, 2017, Cloud computing and is it really all that beneficial, Assessed on 25th April 2017, stratospherenetworks , 2017, Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, Assessed on 25th April 2017,

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Does Utopia Really Exist Essay Example

Does Utopia Really Exist? Essay Can Utopia really exist with the differences that divide the world’s population? As Australians, we can all enjoy, to some extent an amazing amount of freedom – both philosophically and physically. Compared to other countries we have more freedom in what we are able to do and say. Our society is one of the most diverse groups of people on earth and with far less discrimination apparent than other countries. It is said that we are all free to do, say and feel whatever we want, but is this true? As humans we are all controlled by some degree of forced obedience. We all have free will and our own minds, with which we can think however we want, act however we want and express whatever we want. Though it’s unfortunate when someone is discriminated against for the way they think, act or because of the way we think about it. We are all humans, we are all part of one big family, we are all brothers and sisters, we are all equal – despite skin colour, creed or the way we think. We all have the same blood flowing though our veins. Who has the right or the power to tell anyone they cannot be themselves. We will write a custom essay sample on Does Utopia Really Exist? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Does Utopia Really Exist? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Does Utopia Really Exist? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We as human beings give others the power to discriminate. By letting their harsh, vulgar beliefs affect us we are giving them the power. By submitting to their close minded ideas, we have accepted a backward society of oppression and suffering without realisation. This discrimination and oppression leave people lost, broken and beaten. People in society who cause pain and suffering by abusing other individuals because of the way they are or have chosen to live as a minority, a minority that must be culled. The one thing holding us back from a Utopian society, free from oppression and discrimination is our own fear of revolution. As sung by hatebreed, ‘Give me your broken, give me your beaten. I will build them up; I will lead them-to the threshold. The time for revolution is nigh†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ also sung by Disturbed ‘This is the world we live in, these are the hands we’re given; use them and lets start trying to make it a place worth living in’ these two quotes are telling us to say no to discrimination and oppression. If you have ever been discriminated against, or been repressed by close-minded fools, then this is not only my fight, but yours as well. How can you sit back and allow these injustices against human freedom go unpunished. But I hear you say, by hating those who are prejudiced, those who oppress, are we not then guilty of oppression and discrimination ourselves? Yes, we are, but the difference lies in that our oppression stands to only advance humanity. Theirs stands to hold us back. Live and let live, accept others for who they are. Do not judge people. Treat every living thing on earth as your brother or sister. Humans are the most powerful beings on this rock, but we share this rock. The power for change is ours, if we stand united as a race there is nothing we cannot achieve. Join the fight for freedom today, and work towards a new tomorrow, free from that which we all hate. Utopia can be ours.

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The Difference Between a Vegan and a Vegetarian

The Difference Between a Vegan and a Vegetarian Vegans are vegetarians, but vegetarians are not necessarily vegans. If that seems a bit confusing, it is. Many people are confused about the difference between these two ways of eating. Though most of us dont like being labeled, the labels vegetarian and vegan can actually be helpful because they allow like-minded people to find one another. What Is a Vegetarian? A vegetarian is someone who doesnt eat meat. If they dont eat meat for health  reasons, they are referred to as a nutritional vegetarian. Those who avoid meat in deference to  the environment or the animals  are called ethical vegetarians. A vegetarian diet is sometimes called a meatless or meat-free diet. Vegetarians do not eat animal flesh, period. While some people may use the terms pesco-vegetarian to refer to someone who still eats fish, or pollo-vegetarian to refer to someone who eats still chicken, in fact, fish and chicken eaters are not vegetarians. Similarly, someone who chooses to eat vegetarian some of the time, but eats meat at other times is not a vegetarian.   Anyone who doesnt eat meat is considered vegetarian, which makes vegetarians a large and inclusive group. Included in the larger group of vegetarians are vegans, lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, and lacto-ovo vegetarians.   What Is a Vegan? Vegans are vegetarians who do not consume animal products,  including meat, fish, fowl, eggs, dairy, or gelatin. Many vegans also avoid honey.   Instead of meat and animal products, vegans stick to eating grains, beans, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and  seeds. While the diet may seem severely restricted compared to the standard American diet, vegan options are surprisingly wide-ranging. A look at  vegan gourmet foods  should convince just about anyone that a vegan diet can be delicious and filling. Any recipe calling for meat can be made vegan with the use of  seitan, tofu, portobello mushrooms, and other vegetable-based foods with a meaty texture. Diet, Lifestyle, and Philosophy Veganism is more than a diet. While the word vegan may refer to a cookie or a restaurant and mean only that there are no animal products present, the word has come to mean something different when referring to a person. A person who is vegan is generally understood to be someone who abstains from animal products for animal rights reasons. A vegan may also be concerned about the environment and their own health, but the main reason for their veganism is their belief in animal rights. Veganism is a lifestyle and a philosophy that recognizes that animals have a right to be free of human use and exploitation. Veganism is an ethical stance. Because veganism is about recognizing the rights of animals, its not just about food. Vegans also avoid silk, wool, leather, and suede in their clothing. Vegans also boycott companies that test products on animals and do not buy cosmetics or personal care products that contain lanolin, carmine, honey, or other animal products. Zoos, rodeos, greyhound and horse racing, and circuses with animals are also out, because of the oppression of the animals. There are some people who follow a diet free (or almost free) of animal products for health reasons, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton. In these cases, the person is usually said to be following a plant-based diet. Some also use the term strict vegetarian to describe someone who does not eat animal products but may use animal products in other parts of their life, but this term is problematic because it implies that lacto-ovo vegetarians are not strict vegetarians.

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Photography, Theory and Criticism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Photography, Theory and Criticism - Essay Example Lenbach then accumulated a collection of many photo images that Karl Hann took. Today, Hann’s photography is more attractive than Lenbach portrayal. Members of the prominent Plein-airiste association started by Jules Bastien-Lepage were closely connected with photography from the year 1848 to 1884 (Bates 7). In Germany, there was this belief that art and camera cannot be compatible. This made the artists reserved about their activities. In 1897, the detractor Karl Voll denoted to his friend, the painter about the use of photography but he was not aware that this friend already into photography. In 1920s, the futures of photography had enhanced due to the emergence of many techniques, styles, and approaches that were unique. Within this same period, many photographers were aware of the effects of technology, cinema, and striking art on camera appearance (Bate 7). Baudelaire would be amazed if he had lived long enough to witness the new technological advancement in photography today. Baudelaire believed in nature alone and believed that art is the creation of life. To him, anything that could produce something that appears to look like nature, then it would be absolute of art. He believed that photography and art are the same things because photography gives us precisely what we want. Moholy-Nagy argued that, humanity could defeat the idea of modernity. His photography interest made him believe that artists’ view of vision had to be modernized and encouraged new technologies. The birth of photography was followed by incertitude about science and technological matter and was plagued by political opposition between French and the British, the new pictorial technology appealed extremely to the public imagination. The excitement with which photography was accepted and, the acknowledgment of its significance in providing information assured continuous efforts in centuries a head to advance its procedures and develop its functions (Bate